Active Lifestyle
Made Simple


Coach Kristin

Nutrition + Activity + Sleep + Recovery 

The formula for health and wellness depends on how a person approaches nutrition, activity, sleep, and recovery. Coach Kristin can build you a unique holistic strategy that covers all these areas and also provide hands-on coaching and education. Coach Kristin is a certified health coach, personal trainer, nutritionist, and formally trained culinary chef.      

  • Healthy Eating 
  • Cooking Classes
  • Day-to-Day Activities 
  • Water Workouts
  • Hobby Coaching

Fitness Training 

Day-to-Day Health

Staying healthy requires daily movement and activity, Coach Kristin can create a tactical plan with simple workout routines that fit all busy lifestyles and do not require a gym membership or complicated equipment. Coach Kristin is a certified personal trainer with emphasis on low impact, whole body, resistance workouts.

  • Low impact, resistance based, whole body workouts
  • TRX suspension, rip, and core functional certification
  • Private or buddy sessions 

Water Workouts

Classes & Training   

Water exercises offer natural resistance, which can help strengthen your core and muscles. Aquatic exercise can also have several health benefits, such as improved heart health, reduced stress, fat burning, rehab, and improved muscular endurance and strength. Coach Kristin can include water exercise options as a low impact compliment to your daily routine, as a full rigorous workout session, or you can join a class for a group social setting.

  • Swimming 
  • Water Aerobics
  • Aqua Biking
  • Water Sports

Hobby Coaching

Active Lifestyle    

It's not about what you do, it's about how you live. If you already have activities you are passionate about Coach Kristin can weave them into a game plan so you are doing them more frequently. If you need help plotting out and experimenting with aspirational hobbies, Coach Kristin can get your passions ignited. Teasing out your interests, finding the right gear, planning trips, and being there until you get over the learning curve. Building an active lifestyle doing activities you love is the path to happiness and longevity. Stress relief activities like hiking, yoga, and gardening OR more intense hobbies like snowboarding, hiking, camping, and scuba diving.       

  • Hobby blueprint with current and aspirational activties
  • Gear evaluation and advice 
  • Excursion adventure planning